Interface ServicePluginBinding

  • public interface ServicePluginBinding
    Binding that gives ServiceAware plugins access to an associated Service.
    • Method Detail

      • getService

        Service getService()
        Returns the Service that is currently attached to the FlutterEngine that owns this ServicePluginBinding.
      • getLifecycle

        Object getLifecycle()
        Returns the Lifecycle associated with the attached Service.

        Use the flutter_plugin_android_lifecycle plugin to turn the returned Object into a Lifecycle object. See ( Flutter plugins that rely on Lifecycle are forced to use the flutter_plugin_android_lifecycle plugin so that the version of the Android Lifecycle library is exposed to pub, which allows Flutter to manage different versions library over time.

      • addOnModeChangeListener

        void addOnModeChangeListener​(@NonNull
                                     ServiceAware.OnModeChangeListener listener)
        Adds the given listener to be notified when the associated Service goes from background to foreground, or foreground to background.