replaceAll method Null safety

void replaceAll(
  1. Map<ShortcutActivator, Intent> value

Replaces the given shortcut bindings in the ShortcutRegistry that this entry was created from.

This method will assert in debug mode if another ShortcutRegistryEntry exists (i.e. hasn't been disposed of) that has already added a given shortcut.

It will also assert if this entry has already been disposed.

If two equivalent, but different, ShortcutActivators are added, all of them will be executed when triggered. For example, if both SingleActivator(LogicalKeyboardKey.keyA) and CharacterActivator('a') are added, then both will be executed when an "a" key is pressed.


void replaceAll(Map<ShortcutActivator, Intent> value) {
  registry._replaceAll(this, value);