didUpdateTweens method Null safety

  1. @protected
void didUpdateTweens()

Optional hook for subclasses that runs after all tweens have been updated via forEachTween.

Any properties that depend upon tweens created by forEachTween should be updated within didUpdateTweens, not within forEachTween.

This method will be called both:

  1. After the tweens are initially constructed (by the constructor argument to the TweenVisitor that's passed to forEachTween). In this case, the tweens are likely to contain only a Tween.begin value and not a Tween.end.

  2. When the state's widget is updated, and one or more of the tweens visited by forEachTween specifies a target value that's different than the widget's current value, thus signaling that the animation should run. In this case, the Tween.begin value for each tween will an evaluation of the tween against the current animation, and the Tween.end value for each tween will be the target value.


void didUpdateTweens() { }