decodeImageFromList function

Future<Image> decodeImageFromList(
  1. Uint8List bytes

Creates an image from a list of bytes.

This function attempts to interpret the given bytes an image. If successful, the returned Future resolves to the decoded image. Otherwise, the Future resolves to null.

If the image is animated, this returns the first frame. Consider instantiateImageCodec if support for animated images is necessary.

This function differs from ui.decodeImageFromList in that it defers to PaintingBinding.instantiateImageCodecWithSize, and therefore can be mocked in tests.


Future<ui.Image> decodeImageFromList(Uint8List bytes) async {
  final ui.ImmutableBuffer buffer = await ui.ImmutableBuffer.fromUint8List(bytes);
  final ui.Codec codec = await PaintingBinding.instance.instantiateImageCodecWithSize(buffer);
  final ui.FrameInfo frameInfo = await codec.getNextFrame();
  return frameInfo.image;