debugInvertOversizedImages top-level property

bool debugInvertOversizedImages
getter/setter pair

If true, the framework will color invert and horizontally flip images that have been decoded to a size taking at least debugImageOverheadAllowance bytes more than necessary.

It will also call FlutterError.reportError with information about the image's decoded size and its display size, which can be used resize the asset before shipping it, apply cacheHeight or cacheWidth parameters, or directly use a ResizeImage. Whenever possible, resizing the image asset itself should be preferred, to avoid unnecessary network traffic, disk space usage, and other memory overhead incurred during decoding.

Developers using this flag should test their application on appropriate devices and display sizes for their expected deployment targets when using these parameters. For example, an application that responsively resizes images for a desktop and mobile layout should avoid decoding all images at sizes appropriate for mobile when on desktop. Applications should also avoid animating these parameters, as each change will result in a newly decoded image. For example, an image that always grows into view should decode only at its largest size, whereas an image that normally is a thumbnail and then pops into view should be decoded at its smallest size for the thumbnail and the largest size when needed.

This has no effect unless asserts are enabled.


bool debugInvertOversizedImages = false;