height property Null safety

double? height

The minimum height of the strut, as a multiple of fontSize.

When height is omitted or null, then the strut's height will be the sum of the strut's font-defined ascent, its font-defined descent, and its leading. The font's combined ascent and descent may be taller or shorter than the fontSize.

When height is provided, the line's EM-square ascent and descent (which sums to fontSize) will be scaled by height to achieve a final strut height of fontSize * height + fontSize * leading logical pixels. The following diagram illustrates the differences between the font metrics defined height and the EM-square height:

Text height diagram

The ratio of ascent:descent with height specified is the same as the font metrics defined ascent:descent ratio when height is null or omitted.

See TextStyle.height, which works in a similar manner.

The default height is null.


final double? height;