BoxShape enum Null safety

The shape to use when rendering a Border or BoxDecoration.

Consider using ShapeBorder subclasses directly (with ShapeDecoration), instead of using BoxShape and Border, if the shapes will need to be interpolated or animated. The Border class cannot interpolate between different shapes.


circle → const BoxShape

A circle centered in the middle of the box into which the Border or BoxDecoration is painted. The diameter of the circle is the shortest dimension of the box, either the width or the height, such that the circle touches the edges of the box.

See also:

const BoxShape(1)
rectangle → const BoxShape

An axis-aligned, 2D rectangle. May have rounded corners (described by a BorderRadius). The edges of the rectangle will match the edges of the box into which the Border or BoxDecoration is painted.

See also:

const BoxShape(0)
values → const List<BoxShape>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<BoxShape>


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