Typography.material2014 constructor Null safety

  1. {TargetPlatform? platform = TargetPlatform.android,
  2. TextTheme? black,
  3. TextTheme? white,
  4. TextTheme? englishLike,
  5. TextTheme? dense,
  6. TextTheme? tall}

Creates a typography instance using Material Design's 2014 defaults.

If platform is TargetPlatform.iOS or TargetPlatform.macOS, the default values for black and white are blackCupertino and whiteCupertino respectively. Otherwise they are blackMountainView and whiteMountainView. If platform is null then both black and white must be specified.

The default values for englishLike, dense, and tall are englishLike2014, dense2014, and tall2014.


factory Typography.material2014({
  TargetPlatform? platform = TargetPlatform.android,
  TextTheme? black,
  TextTheme? white,
  TextTheme? englishLike,
  TextTheme? dense,
  TextTheme? tall,
}) {
  assert(platform != null || (black != null && white != null));
  return Typography._withPlatform(
    black, white,
    englishLike ?? englishLike2014,
    dense ?? dense2014,
    tall ?? tall2014,