merge static method Null safety

Widget merge(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. bool? dense,
  3. ShapeBorder? shape,
  4. ListTileStyle? style,
  5. Color? selectedColor,
  6. Color? iconColor,
  7. Color? textColor,
  8. EdgeInsetsGeometry? contentPadding,
  9. Color? tileColor,
  10. Color? selectedTileColor,
  11. bool? enableFeedback,
  12. double? horizontalTitleGap,
  13. double? minVerticalPadding,
  14. double? minLeadingWidth,
  15. required Widget child}

Creates a list tile theme that controls the color and style parameters for ListTiles, and merges in the current list tile theme, if any.

The child argument must not be null.


static Widget merge({
  Key? key,
  bool? dense,
  ShapeBorder? shape,
  ListTileStyle? style,
  Color? selectedColor,
  Color? iconColor,
  Color? textColor,
  EdgeInsetsGeometry? contentPadding,
  Color? tileColor,
  Color? selectedTileColor,
  bool? enableFeedback,
  double? horizontalTitleGap,
  double? minVerticalPadding,
  double? minLeadingWidth,
  required Widget child,
}) {
  assert(child != null);
  return Builder(
    builder: (BuildContext context) {
      final ListTileThemeData parent = ListTileTheme.of(context);
      return ListTileTheme(
        key: key,
        data: ListTileThemeData(
          dense: dense ?? parent.dense,
          shape: shape ?? parent.shape,
          style: style ??,
          selectedColor: selectedColor ?? parent.selectedColor,
          iconColor: iconColor ?? parent.iconColor,
          textColor: textColor ?? parent.textColor,
          contentPadding: contentPadding ?? parent.contentPadding,
          tileColor: tileColor ?? parent.tileColor,
          selectedTileColor: selectedTileColor ?? parent.selectedTileColor,
          enableFeedback: enableFeedback ?? parent.enableFeedback,
          horizontalTitleGap: horizontalTitleGap ?? parent.horizontalTitleGap,
          minVerticalPadding: minVerticalPadding ?? parent.minVerticalPadding,
          minLeadingWidth: minLeadingWidth ?? parent.minLeadingWidth,
        child: child,