FragmentShaderManager class Null safety

A generated class for managing FragmentProgram that includes a pre-transpiled shader program into SPIR-V.


GLSL source for this shader is under shaders/ink_sparkle.frag.


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shader({Vector4? uColor, double? uAlpha, Vector4? uSparkleColor, double? uSparkleAlpha, double? uBlur, Vector2? uCenter, double? uRadiusScale, double? uMaxRadius, Vector2? uResolutionScale, Vector2? uNoiseScale, double? uNoisePhase, double? uTurbulencePhase, Vector2? uCircle1, Vector2? uCircle2, Vector2? uCircle3, Vector2? uRotation1, Vector2? uRotation2, Vector2? uRotation3}) Shader
Creates a shader with the original program and optional uniforms.
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Static Methods

inkSparkle() Future<FragmentShaderManager>
Creates an FragmentShaderManager with an InkSparkle effect.