blueGrey constant Null safety

MaterialColor const blueGrey

The blue-grey primary color and swatch.

This swatch has no corresponding accent swatch.

  color: Colors.blueGrey[400],

See also:

  • grey, cyan, and blue, similar colors.
  • Theme.of, which allows you to select colors from the current theme rather than hard-coding colors in your build methods.


static const MaterialColor blueGrey = MaterialColor(
  <int, Color>{
     50: Color(0xFFECEFF1),
    100: Color(0xFFCFD8DC),
    200: Color(0xFFB0BEC5),
    300: Color(0xFF90A4AE),
    400: Color(0xFF78909C),
    500: Color(_blueGreyPrimaryValue),
    600: Color(0xFF546E7A),
    700: Color(0xFF455A64),
    800: Color(0xFF37474F),
    900: Color(0xFF263238),