flatTextConfiguration top-level property Null safety

TextTreeConfiguration flatTextConfiguration

Whitespace only configuration where children are not indented.

Use this style when indentation is not needed to disambiguate parents from children as in the case of a DiagnosticsStackTrace.


<name>: <description>:
<name>: <description>:

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final TextTreeConfiguration flatTextConfiguration = TextTreeConfiguration(
  prefixLineOne: '',
  prefixLastChildLineOne: '',
  prefixOtherLines: '',
  prefixOtherLinesRootNode: '',
  propertyPrefixIfChildren: '',
  propertyPrefixNoChildren: '',
  linkCharacter: '',
  addBlankLineIfNoChildren: false,
  // Add a colon after the description and before the properties to link the
  // properties to the description line.
  afterDescriptionIfBody: ':',
  isBlankLineBetweenPropertiesAndChildren: false,