debugPrintStack function

void debugPrintStack (
  1. {StackTrace stackTrace,
  2. String label,
  3. int maxFrames}

Dump the stack to the console using debugPrint and FlutterError.defaultStackFilter.

If the stackTrace parameter is null, the StackTrace.current is used to obtain the stack.

The maxFrames argument can be given to limit the stack to the given number of lines before filtering is applied. By default, all stack lines are included.

The label argument, if present, will be printed before the stack.


void debugPrintStack({StackTrace stackTrace, String label, int maxFrames}) {
  if (label != null)
  stackTrace ??= StackTrace.current;
  Iterable<String> lines = stackTrace.toString().trimRight().split('\n');
  if (kIsWeb && lines.isNotEmpty) {
    // Remove extra call to StackTrace.current for web platform.
    // TODO(ferhat): remove when
    // is addressed.
    lines = lines.skipWhile((String line) {
      return line.contains('StackTrace.current') ||
  if (maxFrames != null)
    lines = lines.take(maxFrames);