LicenseRegistry class abstract final

A registry for packages to add licenses to, so that they can be displayed together in an interface such as the LicensePage.

Packages can register their licenses using addLicense. User interfaces that wish to show all the licenses can obtain them by calling licenses.

The flutter tool will automatically collect the contents of all the LICENSE files found at the root of each package into a single LICENSE file in the default asset bundle. Each license in that file is separated from the next by a line of eighty hyphens (-), and begins with a list of package names that the license applies to, one to a line, separated from the next by a blank line. The services package registers a license collector that splits that file and adds each entry to the registry.

The LICENSE files in each package can either consist of a single license, or can be in the format described above. In the latter case, each component license and list of package names is merged independently.

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Static Properties

licenses Stream<LicenseEntry>
Returns the licenses that have been registered.

Static Methods

addLicense(LicenseEntryCollector collector) → void
Adds licenses to the registry.
reset() → void
Resets the internal state of LicenseRegistry. Intended for use in testing.