maybeDispatchObjectCreation static method

  1. @protected
void maybeDispatchObjectCreation(
  1. ChangeNotifier object

Dispatches event of the object creation to FlutterMemoryAllocations.instance.

If the event was already dispatched or kFlutterMemoryAllocationsEnabled is false, the method is noop.

Tools like leak_tracker use the event of object creation to help developers identify the owner of the object, for troubleshooting purposes, by taking stack trace at the moment of the event.

But, as ChangeNotifier is mixin, it does not have its own constructor. So, it communicates object creation in first addListener, that results in the stack trace pointing to addListener, not to constructor.

To make debugging easier, invoke ChangeNotifier.maybeDispatchObjectCreation in constructor of the class. It will help to identify the owner.

Make sure to invoke it with condition if (kFlutterMemoryAllocationsEnabled) ... so that the method is tree-shaken away when the flag is false.


static void maybeDispatchObjectCreation(ChangeNotifier object) {
  // Tree shaker does not include this method and the class MemoryAllocations
  // if kFlutterMemoryAllocationsEnabled is false.
  if (kFlutterMemoryAllocationsEnabled && !object._creationDispatched) {
      library: _flutterFoundationLibrary,
      className: '$ChangeNotifier',
      object: object,
    object._creationDispatched = true;