flutter_driver_extension library Null safety

This library provides a Dart VM service extension that is required for tests that use package:flutter_driver to drive applications from a separate process, similar to Selenium (web), Espresso (Android) and UI Automation (iOS).

The extension must be installed in the same process (isolate) with your application.

To enable the extension call enableFlutterDriverExtension early in your program, prior to running your application, e.g. before you call runApp.


import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter_driver/driver_extension.dart';

main() {
  runApp(new ExampleApp());


Used to expand the new Finder
The class that manages communication between a Flutter Driver test and the application being remote-controlled, on the application side. [...]


enableFlutterDriverExtension({DataHandler handler, bool silenceErrors: false, List<FinderExtension> finders}) → void
Enables Flutter Driver VM service extension. [...]


CommandDeserializerCallback(Map<String, String> params) Command
Signature for functions that deserialize a JSON map to a command object.
CommandHandlerCallback(Command c) Future<Result>
Signature for functions that handle a command and return a result.
DataHandler(String message) Future<String>
Signature for the handler passed to enableFlutterDriverExtension. [...]