PlatformDispatcher class Null safety

Platform event dispatcher singleton.

The most basic interface to the host operating system's interface.

This is the central entry point for platform messages and configuration events from the platform.

It exposes the core scheduler API, the input event callback, the graphics drawing API, and other such core services.

It manages the list of the application's views and the screens attached to the device, as well as the configuration of various platform attributes.

Consider avoiding static references to this singleton through PlatformDispatcher.instance and instead prefer using a binding for dependency resolution such as WidgetsBinding.instance.platformDispatcher. See PlatformDispatcher.instance for more information about why this is preferred.



accessibilityFeatures AccessibilityFeatures
Additional accessibility features that may be enabled by the platform.
alwaysUse24HourFormat bool
The setting indicating whether time should always be shown in the 24-hour format.
brieflyShowPassword bool
Whether briefly displaying the characters as you type in obscured text fields is enabled in system settings.
configuration PlatformConfiguration
The current platform configuration.
defaultRouteName String
The route or path that the embedder requested when the application was launched.
frameData FrameData
The FrameData object for the current frame.
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
initialLifecycleState String
The lifecycle state immediately after dart isolate initialization.
locale Locale
The system-reported default locale of the device.
locales List<Locale>
The full system-reported supported locales of the device.
nativeSpellCheckServiceDefined bool
Whether the spell check service is supported on the current platform.
onAccessibilityFeaturesChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked when the value of accessibilityFeatures changes.
read / write
onBeginFrame FrameCallback?
A callback invoked when any view begins a frame.
read / write
onDrawFrame VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked for each frame after onBeginFrame has completed and after the microtask queue has been drained.
read / write
onError ErrorCallback?
A callback that is invoked when an unhandled error occurs in the root isolate.
read / write
onFrameDataChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked when the window updates the FrameData.
read / write
onKeyData KeyDataCallback?
A callback that is invoked when key data is available.
read / write
onLocaleChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever locale changes value.
read / write
onMetricsChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever the ViewConfiguration of any of the views changes.
read / write
onPlatformBrightnessChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever platformBrightness changes value.
read / write
onPlatformConfigurationChanged VoidCallback?
Called when the platform configuration changes.
read / write
onPlatformMessage PlatformMessageCallback?
Called whenever this platform dispatcher receives a message from a platform-specific plugin.
read / write
onPointerDataPacket PointerDataPacketCallback?
A callback that is invoked when pointer data is available.
read / write
onReportTimings TimingsCallback?
A callback that is invoked to report the FrameTiming of recently rasterized frames.
read / write
onSemanticsAction SemanticsActionCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever the user requests an action to be performed.
read / write
onSemanticsEnabledChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked when the value of semanticsEnabled changes.
read / write
onSystemFontFamilyChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever systemFontFamily changes value.
read / write
onTextScaleFactorChanged VoidCallback?
A callback that is invoked whenever textScaleFactor changes value.
read / write
platformBrightness Brightness
The setting indicating the current brightness mode of the host platform. If the platform has no preference, platformBrightness defaults to Brightness.light.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
semanticsEnabled bool
Whether the user has requested that updateSemantics be called when the semantic contents of a view changes.
systemFontFamily String?
The setting indicating the current system font of the host platform.
textScaleFactor double
The system-reported text scale.
views Iterable<FlutterView>
The current list of views, including top level platform windows used by the application.


computePlatformResolvedLocale(List<Locale> supportedLocales) Locale?
Performs the platform-native locale resolution.
getPersistentIsolateData() ByteData?
The embedder can specify data that the isolate can request synchronously on launch. This accessor fetches that data.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
registerBackgroundIsolate(RootIsolateToken token) → void
Registers the current isolate with the isolate identified with by the token. This is required if platform channels are to be used on a background isolate.
requestDartPerformanceMode(DartPerformanceMode mode) → void
Requests the Dart VM to adjusts the GC heuristics based on the requested performance_mode.
scheduleFrame() → void
Requests that, at the next appropriate opportunity, the onBeginFrame and onDrawFrame callbacks be invoked.
sendPlatformMessage(String name, ByteData? data, PlatformMessageResponseCallback? callback) → void
Sends a message to a platform-specific plugin.
sendPortPlatformMessage(String name, ByteData? data, int identifier, SendPort port) → void
Sends a message to a platform-specific plugin via a SendPort.
setIsolateDebugName(String name) → void
Set the debug name associated with this platform dispatcher's root isolate.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
updateSemantics(SemanticsUpdate update) → void
Change the retained semantics data about this platform dispatcher.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Properties

instance PlatformDispatcher
The PlatformDispatcher singleton.