BoxWidthStyle enum Null safety

Defines various ways to horizontally bound the boxes returned by Paragraph.getBoxesForRange.

See BoxHeightStyle for a similar property to control height.


max → const BoxWidthStyle

Adds up to two additional boxes as needed at the beginning and/or end of each line so that the widths of the boxes in line are the same width as the widest line in the paragraph.

The additional boxes on each line are only added when the relevant box at the relevant edge of that line does not span the maximum width of the paragraph.

const BoxWidthStyle(1)
tight → const BoxWidthStyle

Provide tight bounding boxes that fit widths to the runs of each line independently.

const BoxWidthStyle(0)
values → const List<BoxWidthStyle>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<BoxWidthStyle>


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